Love The Skin You’re In

Cold and winter seasons do a number on our skin. The air is dry and with that our skin becomes dry, and even cracked! Here is a great recipe that can help you get through this season without itchy dry skin.

Love The Skin You’re In Moisturizer

   1.  The Container: Glass containers are best because most plastic containers hold chemicals. Re-purposing jars is a great idea! Some bases for this moisturizer tend to solidify in the cold weather. Don’t worry if the mouth of the container is too small for your hands to fit in. This moisturizer can be held under hot water or in warm spaces and melted for easy distribution on the skin. Choose a container size that is best for you.

   2. The Base: The base of this moisturizer will be the majority of what this mixture is made with. This base is chosen depending on skin type.

A: Shea Butter: This base is for very dry skin or skin that gets dry easily.

B: Olive Oil/Sunflower Oil/ Saffron Oil: This base is for skin with dry patches and skin that gets dry throughout the day.

C: Coconut Oil: This base is best used for oily skin and skin that loses moisture throughout the day.

Fill your container with 3/4 of your base. You can mix and match bases for this mixture.

3. Essential Oils: Three to Eight drops of essential oils for containers of 6 oz or more will not only add aroma-therapy but also much-needed healing properties to the skin. Here are some oils that are ‘essential’ for healing your skin.

A: Lavender: This oil restores skin complexion, improves eczema and reduces acne. It is also a healing agent for wounds and burns. Lavender also keeps PH levels balanced.

B: Tea Tree: This oil heals acne, bug bites, sores, cold sores and dry cuticles. It also fights fungal infections including athletes foot, toenail fungus and jock itch.

C: Eucalyptus: This oil speeds the healing process of wounds and cuts. It can also relax muscles and relieve itching.

The rest is up to you. As long as you have these three oils in your mixture you will feel relief. Add three to five drops of more oils for aroma or preference. Rose Oil, Lemon Oil or even Frankincense. The choice is yours. You can also add herbs like Sage or Bay Leaf to this mixture as well.

** Fun Tips: If you are fortunate enough to have a tub, add a tea spoon of this mixture in your bath while you soak. This mixture can also be used for hair.


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