Powerhouse Blessings All Natural Bug Repellent

The seasons are changing. Spring is here and Summer is right around the corner. The Great Mother is returning to life from her slumber. This process is being sped up by global warming but despite this, with her new found incitement mother will be giving life. In this imparting The Great Mother brings with her all her children. She returns the Trees, Birds, Flowers and yes, Insects.

Though small these cousins of ours make a big impact. Some bite, some itch and some can make us sick. Though these little and sometimes not so little buggers can be pests, they are important to our ecosystem. How we depend our bodies and homes from these insects is as important for us as it is for the arachnid and arthropods we encounter. This all natural bug repellent will keep you protected from ALL BUGS without poisoning yourself, the environment and even our creepy, crawly pals.

This mix can be used in your home and on your body. You can even add this mixture to you moisturizers.

The Container: You will need a spray bottle. Fill the bottle 3/4 of the way with water.

Essential Oils: Add 5-10 drops of each of these essential oils to your mixture;

Lavender Oil: This oil has been used for centuries to repel moths, fleas, flies, mosquitoes and yes, bed bugs! It also repels scorpions.

Eucalyptus Oil: This bio-pesticide repels bugs and doubles as an antiseptic for bites.

Tea Tree Oil: Tea Tree is a repellent that also repels lice.


Like all my recipes add whatever other oils you love to add aroma or additional protection. Add Coconut Oil to your body mixture for SPF protection and to your house mixture to polish wood furniture!

I’ve used this mixture during camping in areas close to water and didn’t get a single bite. Add these oils to your favorite moisturizer for additional protection.



March Horoscopes

Hello all! This month I included the cards that were pulled so that you can look them up.  This was a three card draw though for some signs four cards jumped out. Enjoy!

Aries: Oh social drama. It is fleeting, yet tiring and for you Aries it’s all month long. Make sure as you maneuver through this time that you are doing so to become a better person. It’s OK to think about number one. In fact you should be. Just remember to do so in a way that is healing for you. What ever you do, don’t be petty.

The Cards: Six of Swords, Four of Pentacles, Five of Swords

Taurus: You’ll be taking on a leadership role this month. In this position you will be just as you set things in order. Take your time with this process. Act  with kindness and clarity. This is a time for surrounding yourself with goodness.

The Cards: Six of Cups, Temperance, The Emperor

Gemini: It’s time for both sides of you to accept things as they are. Take time to reflect on the conflicts in your life. Know when to say no. It is time to be fair to yourself now. Chose to be fully aware of yourself (yourselves!!) and show that beautifully strong character we all love.

The Cards: The Hangman, Seven of Wands, Justice

Cancer: Alright now, it’s time to be confident in yourself! Remember you don’t need to be controlling to do so. Plan wisely and utilize your resources. You have plenty. This will help you to fulfill achievements especially in the arts.

The Cards: The Chariot, Four of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles, Nine of Cups

Leo: Do not avoid the warning signs! If you do, it will keep you stuck. Leo’s want to do it all but sometimes you can’t. You can still help while being helped. You can still give while receiving. These things are blessings. They don’t make you weak. They show you that you are loved. So spread the wealth and receive it. You are loved.

The Cards: Two of Swords, Six of Pentacles, The Star

Virgo: As you desire a new direction, it is time to look for answers from within. You have more than you realize but you can’t appreciate it if you don’t take care of your body and harmonize yourself with the great mother earth. You are having minor setbacks now. Stop trying to battle the outside world and work on self. This is the most important detail.

The Cards: The Hermit, The Empress, Five of Wands

Libra: You need to make sure your health and home are stabilized. As the scales of the zodiac you will find a resolution for this and complete this process with success. You can do this without getting frustrated and giving lots of compassion to the imperfections around you. This is because your communication skill are beautiful and lucid. You are just!

The Cards: Four of Swords, Eight of Wands, Strength, King of Swords

Scorpio: Seems you’ve got the juices flowing and found some solutions and new approaches to problems. It is time to put those things in order.  Be realistic! Not everything is just going to come your way just because you have solutions. Learn more about the solutions that you have for yourself in this journey. Honor the process because it is there to teach you. Join others and be loyal to the group.

The Cards: Page of Wands, Seven of Cups, The Hierophant

Sagittarius: Keep up the great work Swagittarius! You are warm, out going and just plain out sexy. You bless others with your words and existence! Don’t deny yourself the ability to use these resources as you go about your awesomeness. As you search within yourself now, you want more. Go on and get! Don’t forget you’ve got resources.

The Cards:  Queen of Wands, Six of Pentacles, The Hermit

Capricorn: Look who’s getting ready to tackle the world with their talents. Keep that confidence going as you come up with better ways to face your fears. What you shouldn’t be doing is expecting the worst. It’s OK to keep up the pace as you get knocked down. It’s OK to stand back up and show your physical strength. Just remember to protect yourself as you do these things. Be grateful. Don’t forget your blessings as you go for new things. It is also important that you don’t burn yourself out at this time or lose interest as you go forward. Be self aware.

The Cards: Ace of Wands, Nine of Wands, Four of Cups

Aquarius: You are appreciating the little things and feeling carefree. This is good but as you do so remember to stay positive. Go into your subconscious mind but do not daydream. Be aware of your feelings but do not take them out on others. Mostly because as you tap into the negative of these things you will find yourself being let down by the world around you. Or even letting others down. You are now discovering painful truths.

The Cards: Six of Cups, Knight of Cups, Three of Swords

Pisces: You are being very resourceful as you remain warm and giving. You have faith in others which makes them feel welcome around you. This will help you achieve that which is tangible. As you are now realistic about the world around you, you are now able to be a impact in it. Do this diplomatically and you will achieve comfort.

The Cards: Queen of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, Nine of Pentacles

February Horoscopes

Aries: Deep breath rammy poo. It’s gonna be alright. No matter how much someone miss leads you, you always know how to wrap it up and move on. You know how to tell them how you feel and thrive off it. You will thrive financially from this too as long as you keep your focus. Remember to keep your eye on the future. This is the small stuff.

Taurus: Oh T, you really know how to flex your strengths and have them work for you. Especially this month. It’ll help you overcome more than just financial responsibilities and bring you on a fast track to great accomplishments. Just remember not to be emotional through this time. That temper will work against you.

Gemini: This is a very social month for you twinzie. You’re doing some social damage control and it’s working. It’s time to take charge of your social life and not follow friends. Follow your heart and it will lead you to true friends and a romantic relationship that is finally real. Remember to enjoy who you truly are and the people that matter will love you for it. That’s a lot of people.

Cancer: Why so emotional beach buddy? Annoying things are going to happen always. That’s life. Just remember you got what it takes to get through it in a way that can help yourself and others. But don’t forget about taking care of yourself. Take charge, be sociable and don’t let your emotions get the best of you.

Leo: Now c’mon lion, you know you are wise beyond your years. Just because it’s not in your comfort zone doesn’t mean you can’t handle it. You are inventive and quick witted, use that talent because there are forces and people working against you. Take charge. Don’t be afraid to be the leader.

Virgo: No matter how much money you make this month it just won’t be enough. Bills and needs are piling up and that’s only because you are not being responsible and taking accountability for your actions. Look at where things are going wrong and fix it. No excuses.

Libra: Just remember as you make money this month not to be oppressive to or look down on those without. Keep your eye on the future and be realistic about what you want as well as what you can do. Let success make you be an inspiration.

Scorpio: Fill in that chip on your shoulder with thoughts of the future. Things are going well but just because they are doesn’t mean you need to be arrogant about it. Releasing yourself of this arrogance will allow you to face combating energies this month your ego without hurting. Manifest with good intentions.

Sagittarius: Things are still going great for you Swagittarius! Keep up the great work! Just remember to stay true to yourself as you overcome things. You’re going to be achieving with stable financial blessings but that doesn’t mean you’re ready to flex. Save, save, save.

Capricorn: I was about to just say CALM DOWN AND PAY ATTENTION and nothing else but I guess I’ll go into detail. What you are looking for is inside you. It has always been there. You are wise in your travels but don’t forget to enjoy the view.

Aquarius: Birthday time! This is a month of celebration. You know how to celebrate your sun cycle very well and you be doing it in style. Just remember to take care your health and pace yourself as you go out with and make new friends.

Pisces: The whole concept of money is oppressive. It will always be. It sucks and then sucks some more while sucking one more time just to make sure you know how much it sucks. Don’t worry you have what it takes to navigate through this. It’s just going to take time. Use your network, talents and resources to get ahead.

Love The Skin You’re In

Cold and winter seasons do a number on our skin. The air is dry and with that our skin becomes dry, and even cracked! Here is a great recipe that can help you get through this season without itchy dry skin.

Love The Skin You’re In Moisturizer

   1.  The Container: Glass containers are best because most plastic containers hold chemicals. Re-purposing jars is a great idea! Some bases for this moisturizer tend to solidify in the cold weather. Don’t worry if the mouth of the container is too small for your hands to fit in. This moisturizer can be held under hot water or in warm spaces and melted for easy distribution on the skin. Choose a container size that is best for you.

   2. The Base: The base of this moisturizer will be the majority of what this mixture is made with. This base is chosen depending on skin type.

A: Shea Butter: This base is for very dry skin or skin that gets dry easily.

B: Olive Oil/Sunflower Oil/ Saffron Oil: This base is for skin with dry patches and skin that gets dry throughout the day.

C: Coconut Oil: This base is best used for oily skin and skin that loses moisture throughout the day.

Fill your container with 3/4 of your base. You can mix and match bases for this mixture.

3. Essential Oils: Three to Eight drops of essential oils for containers of 6 oz or more will not only add aroma-therapy but also much-needed healing properties to the skin. Here are some oils that are ‘essential’ for healing your skin.

A: Lavender: This oil restores skin complexion, improves eczema and reduces acne. It is also a healing agent for wounds and burns. Lavender also keeps PH levels balanced.

B: Tea Tree: This oil heals acne, bug bites, sores, cold sores and dry cuticles. It also fights fungal infections including athletes foot, toenail fungus and jock itch.

C: Eucalyptus: This oil speeds the healing process of wounds and cuts. It can also relax muscles and relieve itching.

The rest is up to you. As long as you have these three oils in your mixture you will feel relief. Add three to five drops of more oils for aroma or preference. Rose Oil, Lemon Oil or even Frankincense. The choice is yours. You can also add herbs like Sage or Bay Leaf to this mixture as well.

** Fun Tips: If you are fortunate enough to have a tub, add a tea spoon of this mixture in your bath while you soak. This mixture can also be used for hair.


Turmeric Tumble Tummy Tamer

Turmeric Tumble Tummy Tamer

    This simple drink is sure to ease your belly and stimulate digestion with comfort.

Turmeric Tumble Tummy Tamer 

Almond Milk 6-8oz

Turmeric 2 tbsp

Cinnamon 1 tsp

Nutmeg 1 tsp

Vanilla Extract Just a splash!

Stir well! This is something that has worked for me throughout the years. I have passed this recipe on to friends and heard great results.

Like all my recipes add to and take away as needed. T4 can be served warm or cold.

Nutritional Facts:

  • Turmeric is the main herb found in curry powders. This powerful root is an anti-inflammatory, cancer fighter and also helps with menstrual cramps. It has health benefits for anything dealing with the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakras.
  • Cinnamon improves digestion! This herb also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties. Use this bark to treat gastrointestinal problems. Cinnamon helps break down gas and relieves abdominal discomfort.
  • Nutmeg, much like the other ingredients in this mix alleviates indigestion. It is a pain reliever that works on diarrhea and helps detox the liver and kidneys.
  • Vanilla treats intestinal gas and is an anti-inflammatory.

Keep in Mind! The Almond Milk in this recipe is just a personal preference. It can be replaced with anything non-dairy or low in sugar. 

Blessed meetings and interactions to you all during the season. Enjoy!

Yearly Forecast

 It is a New Year and a lot of us are coming out of 2016 beaten and bruised. With every battle or loss comes knowledge and strength. With every disappointment there is a lesson. We lose things to make room for what is truly meant for us. In 2017 some of us will be dusting off the pain of 2016 with a new-found knowledge for life and some will need to prepare ourselves for more lessons.

  I have compiled 2017 Yearly Forecast Tarot Readings for each astrological sign. Over the years I have learned to create my own Tarot Spreads. A Tarot Spread is the way in which Tarot Cards are placed for the reader to represent different aspects of a situation. I made a short spread for the year. If you are a tarot reader and would like to learn this spread, here it is:


2      3       4

5       6

1- This card signifies you and your current state.

2- Represents Jan-April

3- Represents May-August

4- Represents Sept-Dec

5&6- Warnings and things to look out for so that you can remain focused throughout the year.

Let’s begin!


Aquarius– Right now beloved air sign you have a broad understanding of things on many levels. This is just who you are! You will start the year off as the Knight of Pentacles. Thou you will be working hard, this is can make you narrow-minded and sometimes even pessimistic. The summer time will clear that right up for you. It’s going to be a blessed good time full of excitement and freedom from limitations. Embrace this joy because the end of the year will bring you a lot of internal struggles as you do a lot of self-evaluation. If you decide to only look out for self, understand you’re just being sensitive. Things to look out for: Don’t overspend! In the beginning of the year you are going to be doing well financially. Make that money last. Also don’t be afraid to face the music when it comes to self-evaluation. This is most important towards the end of the year. Avoid doing things without integrity. There are better ways to get ahead.

Pisces– 2017 is all about overcoming obstacles dear fish friend. In the beginning of the year you are the Queen of Pentacles. Resourceful and trustworthy you will make the beginning of the year count with nurturing versatile approaches to any task that comes your way. This will carry you into the middle of the year where you will have an abundance of energy. This is a time when you will do what is right. You will keep trying and tackle obstacles that come your way with renewed energy. These actions will lead you to accomplishments that you always knew you could do. You will find deeper spiritual meaning in your life and interactions with others. Do not let weariness take over and do not burn yourself out. Things to look out for: Remember to stay focused on your goals as you overcome obstacles. Don’t stray away from your path via distractions. You must also be realistic with your goals. Know your talents and how to use them.

Aries–  The beginning of the year is going to be a hard one my fiery friend. But this time will help you expand your vision as you begin to understand continuous cycles in your life. This may surprise you as your luck opens up and you find your purpose. The energy that you build in this time will help you in the middle of the year as you conquer enterprise. You will be wise with your money and how you make it, allowing you to enjoy your winter and holiday season with ease. Things to look out for: Do not withdraw from the world as you strive for guidance. Beware of letting the things you find out about your cycles and yourself make you hide from the world around you. Be accountable with your decision-making process. Acknowledge the truth and it will lead you to success.

Taurus– The New Year for you starts with creating order in your life for the year. This will bring a sense of security and comfort. It will assist you into the middle of the year where you will need to display your power and strength in work and home. All that hard work will pay off at the end of the year giving you fulfillment in all your projects. You will be feeling the thrill of competition at this point and time but don’t think this fulfillment will come easily. You may find yourself being bothered by trivial irritations and being at odds with others. Things to look out for: Do not ignore warning signs especially when it come to the truth about yourself. Don’t turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to the people around you that are working with you or in your family. It will not end well. Avoid cockiness or your success will be in vain. Get in control of your temper and don’t be reckless.

Gemini– What are you hiding out for Gemi? The beginning of the year looks great for you. Not only are you filled with a new-found hope and inspiration but you are also giving the same for others. So take that energy and give, love and enjoy the calm because summer time is going to be rough. You will spend this time struggling for everything you want or need. Be aware of your physical and emotional needs. Don’t overextend yourself because there will be a horrific fall from grace that you are going to need all the energy you can muster to get through. If you are able to get through this you will be on the fast track to the wise noble person you were always meant to be by years end. Go through that dirt little seed. Grow! Things to look out for: That struggle, it’s real. So don’t pretend everything is OK when it’s not. Ask for help and don’t be afraid to. There are people who love you and want to see the best for you. Remember what motivates you. Find ways to keep yourself centered especially through the summer time.

Cancer– Cancers are charging into the year with action! This sign is using their intellectual value and strengths to achieve success. You will not be wavered by setbacks because you’re being honest with yourself and seeing through illusions. Don’t let that success get to your head because this summer will be filled with limitations that may cause you to lose some of your independence. Don’t let people misguide you and don’t let limitations make you pessimistic because your friends and family will help you. As the end of the year comes around you will find a new sense of established power that will help you pioneer. Things to look out for: You’re smart don’t focus on silly things that don’t matter. Save your money and don’t over-indulge in partying. Don’t let social pressures get to you.

Leo– You have faith in the future Leo as you should. The beginning of 2017 is all about focusing on personal truths. Disentangle yourself from the unnecessary and things that have been burning you out. You’re going to need this because like many other signs summer is going to be a crazy time for you. Just make sure you know when to say no and don’t overextend yourself. You have to be on top of things because you will not be getting down time. This process however will lead to a fruitful end of the year that will have you keeping your eyes on the prize for 2018. Things to look out for: Be aware of the relationships you have with people. Sometimes it’s time to let bygones be bygones. Keep your focus on moving forward and being positive. Also remember that you have what it take to be counted on in crisis or when things get tough. Though you can stabilize an unsteady situation don’t be too generous with your energy. It’s OK to get help.

Virgo– Though you are experiencing conflict now you will soon feel the joy of  a very sociable beginning of the year. This might lead to a romantic relationship. In the middle of 2017 you will find yourself getting caught up in illusions, laziness and just being unfocused.  This will lead you to questioning the choices you have made at the end of the year. Make sure you are reaping the right rewards. Things to look out for: Lots of hurt emotions and betrayal. Strive for originality, find your talents, know what they are and put them to use.

Libra– Life’s demands have been getting kind of annoying to you right now. This will not change in the beginning of the year as you experience a betrayal or heartbreak. Though this emotional hurt will be big, it will get you moving forward towards change. By summer you’ll be learning new truths, having meaningful conversations and finding successful resolutions to your problems. At the end of the year remember to be confident not cocky, adventurous without being reckless and charming without be superficial. Things to look out for: Look out for how and when you use your talents and resources. Are you keeping things balanced? Be your Libra self! Be empathetic. Remember you can endure a great many things especially in the beginning of the year. Demonstrate love.

Scorpio– Things are hectic for you right now Scorpio and this year is not going to get any easier. In the beginning of the year you will realize a huge truth that be a blow to your ego. Your plans will be heavily disrupted. Things kind of get worse from there because this summer you will hit rock bottom. Just remember not to be a victim or martyr at this time. It’s going to be a rough one and will get worst for you especially at the end of the year. Do not hide what you are going through. Reach out to people. You are going to need them. Things to look out for: Don’t lose faith in yourself! This whole year’s going to suck and how you handle it will be how you emerge from it.

Sagittarius– Sag if you’re waiting to find something out the answer is: You’re awesome! You will be embracing that in the beginning of the year while being a social butterfly and blessing those around you with your graces. This will lead to a prosperous summer where you will be making money doing what you love. That energy keeps up with you at the end of the year as you are realizing and completing your goals while establishing your personal power. Get it! Things to look out for: Don’t sit around and wait, go out and do! Remember to apply your amazing reasoning skills to everything you do.

Capricorn– You are setting yourself in the right direction now Capricorn. Though you are doing so you might mess it up by only thinking of yourself in the beginning of the year. This will lead to conflict. For the summer you’ll need to make an effort to correct this. Do it carefully and be diligent in what you are doing. For the end of the year, you will be able to come to a realization of your true potential. Things to look out for: Take care of yourself without taking care of your self-interest. Be aware of how you’re working and treating your body. Don’t think being the lone wolf will make anything better for you. Nor will sneaking away from responsibilities.

I will start posting monthly horoscopes starting Feb 1st. Have a safe earth cycle!