Contact  Mo9 with any questions or to schedule your next healing session by emailing

In your scheduling email please answer the following questions:

  • I am in need of;  (A) Psychic or Tarot Readings  (B) Lessons in Reading Auras  (C)  Dream  Analysis (D) Lessons in Tarot Card Reading
  • This session is for;  (A) Me  (B) Friend/Family Member  (C) Both
  • This session can be done through;  (A) Email  (B) Private Session (C) Public Space/Cafe/Park/Conservatory
  • I am available;  (A) Days  (B) Evening  (C) Nights  (D) Weekends

All readings are confidential and based on the clients needs and comfort.


Tarot Readings

$15 for a 30 min session.

$30 for an hour session.

$200 Tarot Tea Alleviation Sessions. In this four hour session, up to ten guest enjoy all natural teas and Tarot Readings. Atmosphere is everything. This Tarot Tea Alleviation Session allows guest to relax and meditate before and after their readings with teas, Chakra cleansing aromatherapy and healing frequencies.

$10 Weekend Special 30 min Fri-Sun***


$25 –  Tarot Lessons!!!!! Learn to read Tarot! Schedule an hour class on Tarot readings.
$40 –  Aura Reading Lessons!!!! In this two hour class learn to read Auras and energies. * Bring a friend and save $10 each 🙂
$25 –  Guided Meditation and Meditation Guidance and Lesson. $25 per student. Up to four students per class.
Book me for your next event! Prices vary.