You can find me this winter in Fort Lauderdale at Art Mama Moves!

Art Mama Moves is an underground art movement originally based in South Florida. With an eye on the political and a soul of creation, it is our mission to address the “not so pretty” perspective of women artists who operate in a commercial, male dominated art community. I will be a featured artist at this event joining many powerful voices. And yes, I will be a vendor at this event as well!

Art Mama Moves is Saturday December 2nd. Show starts at 10pm.

I hope to see you all in my adventures.


Hi my name is Billie. I’ve been clairvoyant since birth. Though I was born in the US Virgin Islands, my family and heritage come from the tiny island of Dominica. The second sight runs in my family. My family has been able to carry our African Spirituality with us throughout slavery. I have been a practicing healer from a very young age and a professional healer for fifteen years.